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Mar 18, 2013 10:00pm PDT
fashion bank run. cbs news reporter on the tax plan that emptied out the atm's. >> there is growing anger. hundreds gathered in the streets to protest their bank accounts. they were trying to pull their money out. and that the banks will shut down at least until thursday as they are waiting for the banks to reopen. >> it is our time to draw all that money. we can't trust them anymore. yeah, it's sick. >> reporter: the secret administrators met on monday to discuss a plan. the government wants to take money from their citizens to help with the troubled financial system in the country. lawmakers are expected tvote on the package on tuesday. the proposal to take money directly from peoples accounts have never been done before. markets around the world fell up here in london, but opened up with a triple drop. >> it sort of goes with the primal fear of people that will protect their nest egg for the future. and that it will disappear. >> reporter: it is leading to their demonstrations across the country as they popped the bulldozer outside the bank in protest. and the level of anger is only ex
Mar 19, 2013 10:00pm PDT
.5% room tax for hundreds of employees. santa clara would give up super bowl tickets surcharges and wave parking fees. it all amounts to $6 million in potential revenue lost. >> i think they are selling us out. >> debbie was against building the stadium to begin with. now she wonders why the city is giving into the nfl. >> i understand the desire to want to be famous or put on the map. i don't want to be put on the map for being stupid. >> miami isn't giving up its hotel tax, neither is san francisco which will be the center of many super bowl activities. >> is santa clara giving up too much? >> we make sure we have assurances and the form of an mlu to make sure our costs are met. >> show me the money. how are we going to pay for not waiting for donations or a letter of credit. that doesn't pay the bills. why are we paying an expense when they are making the money? >> the mayor mentioned is a memorandum of understanding and an agreement between the super bowl host committee and the city of santa clara to go out into the community and raise private money to pay for santa clara's c
Mar 14, 2013 10:00pm PDT
to agree on higher taxes and getting members of his own party to support deep spending cuts. democratic senator, bob casey, says the president's charm offensive is working, but in the end, congress has to learn to work together. >> i think the prospects are better than they've been, at least in the last 18 months. we have to work hard. >> some senators who met with the president expressed optimism. >> i'm hopeful this conversation was a positive step in that direction. >> the white house says the president will now step back and let congress sort out their differences. tara for cbs news, capitol hill. >>> and the president will be back in the bay area next month for the first time since the campaign. he'll reportedly host a pair of democratic fundraisers in san francisco on april 3 and 4. the white house isn't giving anymore details just yet. >> after more than 16 million tolls, the ride is almost over. but from those who spent much of their lives on the golden gate bridge, only to be replaced by computers. >>> and the stock market is on fire. another record close today. why analys
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3